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Rethinking and simplifying the divorce process.

Different By Design

We are not your typical Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers, and we are proud to be different.

Unlike other family law firms in Southern California, which charge hourly billable rates to assist you with petitioning, filing, and finalizing your divorce, the attorneys at Simply Divorced believe that ending a marriage is complicated enough without the stress of added expenses.  

Founding attorneys Jamie Kurtz and Courtney Glickman have both been through the divorce process, and know that it needn’t be as complicated as their own divorces were. Nor does an agreeable divorce in Southern California need to cost a fortune.  That is why they created  Simply Divorced.  

For a one-time flat fee of $3,500, our experienced divorce attorneys will walk you through your divorce from start to finish.  There will be no unexpected filing fees, or surprise hidden costs when your divorce is final in Southern California.  You will receive the guidance and counsel of tenured attorneys, without paying a fortune for their time.  

We will simplify the divorce process in Los Angeles for you, so that you don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines, paying ongoing or additional fees, or experiencing a delay because of an oversight on legal paperwork.  We are proud to help you through your uncontested divorce effectively, efficiently and affordably.  We are a wholly unique breed of divorce attorneys, and we are proud to be different by design.

If you’re ready to begin your uncontested divorce in Southern California, start by emailing us some basic information through our easy to use form available here.  You will be contacted by our team quickly, and the process can begin almost immediately.  We are also happy to answer any questions you have.  Simply email us at info@simplydivorced.com and we’ll be in touch soon.