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Ashley Madison Hack: Will it lead to More Divorces in Southern California?

The hack of the database of Ashley Madison- the online “dating” site which proudly boasts as its tagline “Life is Short, Have an Affair®” is headline news this week.  For millions of users of Ashley Madison, whose personal information has now been made public, the hack is undoubtedly devastating, in more ways than one.

Following the hack, searchable databases have sprung up online promising visitors that they can enter the email address of anyone they know, and find out if that person has used the site to cheat or attempt to cheat on their spouse or partner.

However, it is vital to note, that many reports, including a recent post by USA Today, have been issued urging people not to try to search the Ashley Madison database, warning that searching the stolen database may not only be illegal, but those who search for a cheating spouse, may wind up divulging their own personal information, which may be captured and used for spam, viruses or worse.

With a former reality star already coming forward and admitting to extramarital affairs, and confirming his use of the Ashley Madison website, it is likely only a matter of time before other high profile users of the site are discovered.  Though it’s too little too late for the names that are already published, according to the Los Angeles Times, Ashley Madison is offering users the opportunity to delete their profile for free, in wake of the hack.  

This news definitely begs the question: Will this hack bring about greater numbers of divorce? The truth is, that remains to be seen.  But it’s certainly possible this hack is going to lead to more than just a few divorces.

California is a no-fault state, meaning that either party may file for divorce without providing a specific reason.  It does not matter to the court if one spouse cheated, either.  A divorce in Southern California is a divorce, regardless of the reasons for the dissolution of marriage.

Whether that divorce is done amicably as an uncontested divorce, or whether there will be disagreements over custody, property, assets, etc., is up to the parties involved.  If both parties can agree to the terms of a divorce, an uncontested divorce is generally the fastest way to end a marriage in greater Los Angeles.

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