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Amicable Divorces in California: Divorcing Doesn’t Have to Be Hostile

With roughly half of marriages ending in divorce nationwide, and some studies indicating the divorce rate is even higher in California.  The fact is, many, many people get divorced on fairly friendly terms.  Many couples realize that although they care about one another, the marriage just isn’t what either party expected, or wanted.  Countless couples are unhappy or the marriage just isn’t working, but don’t hate their spouse.  By way of example, last summer, country stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton appear to have divorced agreeably.  In fact, by the time news of their separation became public they were already divorced, and had divided their assets and property seemingly amicably.

So, while few people find going through a divorce enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be ugly.  It can be done civilly. If you and your spouse have come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to live happily ever after as spouses, but you are still able to communicate reasonably with one another, you are likely perfect candidates for an uncontested divorce in Los Angeles. 

Do I need a lawyer for an amicable/uncontested divorce in Los Angeles?

An uncontested divorce is appropriate when you and your spouse agree on how to handle property, money and parenting issues. If you agree on everything your next question may be to wonder if you even need an attorney to help with your uncontested divorce.  

At Simply Divorced, our clients consistently report that by choosing attorneys Jamie Kurtz and Courtney Glickman to handle their uncontested divorce, a great deal of stress is alleviated.   Make no mistake, even if the divorce is friendly, the legal process can still stress out couples who have mutually agreed to dissolve their marriage.

Here’s how Simply Divorced helps make your uncontested divorce less stressful:

·     You will pay a one-time flat fee of $3,500.  Period.  No hourly rates.  No fear of calling us with a question and then being billed for 15 minutes of our time.  The fee is all inclusive.

·      We prevent delays.  All of your divorce paperwork is prepared meticulously and filed efficiently on your behalf.  As divorce attorneys we spend our days immersed in divorce paperwork and working with the California courts so we know the process inside and out.  By contrast, many people have never been divorced, or have been through a divorce a few times at most.  Because we help thousands of people to get divorces each year, we know exactly how all forms must be prepared, when they must be submitted, and so on.  Any mistakes, including omissions of signatures on paperwork, can prolong the divorce process.

·     Our attorneys not only handle all details of your agreeable divorce, from petition through filing, but serve as your advocate and counselor throughout the process, to ensure you understand exactly what to expect, when to expect it, and what to do if your divorce becomes contested during the process. 

We encourage you to contact our experienced family law attorneys if you and your spouse are planning to amicably dissolve your marriage in 2016.

At Simply Divorced, we help you through your uncontested divorce affordably, effectively and efficiently Please contact us today, and we'll help you to begin the process.